Vagina-X Tightener

Vagina-X is used to contract and tone -up Vaginal Muscles. After childbirth, the vagina may become stretched. By Contracting and toning the vagina, one can enhance pleasure for both the woman and the man. With childbirth -- and aging -- pelvic muscles relax and the internal and external diameters of the vagina increase. Difficult deliveries can cause serious stretches, tears, and rips -- and generalized weakening of pelvic supports.

And sexual pleasure during intercourse may be diminished. In short, a woman won't feel as much sexually. Neither will her male partner.

What are pessaries? Pessaries are solid preparations designed for easy insertion into the vagina. They can be inserted using fingers, or may come with an applicator. Pessaries are normally made of a solid vegetable oil that contains the medicine or from the extracts of various herbs. The medicine is gradually released into the vagina as the pessary dissolves at body temperature or as directed on the leaf.

How to insert a pessary: 1. Wash your hands and hold the pessary in your hand. 2. Sit or lie down with your knees bent and legs apart. 3. Gently insert the pessary into the vagina as far as is comfortably possible using your fingers. 4. Wash your hands again.

Active Ingredients: Symplocos Racemosus, Quercus Infectoria, Terminalia Chebula, Acacia Chebula, Woodfordia Fruticosa, Mucuna Pruriens, Alum, Nelumbo Nucifera, Mucuna Pruriens

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